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There’s much more to selling your home than cleaning it up and putting a sign out front, especially when buyers aren’t as common as they once were. Every seller needs a competitive edge in today’s market. By being prepared for selling prior to listing, you can gain an advantage.

Here are some tips to consider before you list your home for sale:

Curb appeal – The rules regarding first impressions also apply to homes on the market, so make sure yours has impressive curb appeal. In addition to having fresh flowers growing and mulched beds, trimmed hedges and grass, siding in good repair or the home painted, you might want to paint your front door an eye-catching color, such as red or blue.

Inspection – Buyers can fall out of love with your house after an inspector discovers foundation issues or faulty wiring too much to deal with. Having your home inspected before listing it will not only make buyers aware of needed repairs before making an offer, but you can also address the repairs and remove them from the picture completely.

Repairs – A long list of repairs can turn buyers off, especial if they’re time-consuming and costly, such as roof work or foundation issues. By identifying and addressing the issues, you may save time and money in the long run.

Organize paperwork – If you have contracts or warranties on your home that will transfer to a new buyer, such as those for appliances, builder warranties, and even contracts with lawn and pool companies paid up-front, you’ll want to have all of this information gathered and accessible.

Talk to your lender – Move-up buyers need to consider how much new home they can afford and if they are able to sell their existing home for enough to cover the balance of the mortgage on it prior to listing.

Prepare for showings – Staging a home involves several stages: first clean and organize, then clean the carpets and repaint dirty or loudly colored walls. Next, remove large and bulky furniture, which make rooms appear smaller, and, finally, take down personal pictures, trophies, and memorabilia that could distract the buyer from what they are actually interested in – your house!

Talk to your real estate agent for more tips!

Source: Bradley K. Tuttle’s Real Estate Update

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