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In today’s competitive marketplace, sellers are encouraged to play up the best attributes of their home, also known as the "hot selling points." By using your home’s special features to position it as a unique piece of property, you can stand out from the competition in your area and truly shine in the minds of buyers.

Certain features of a home can be capitalized on when officially listing your home on the market, and some of these features may not even be initially desired from buyers. For example, lush or extravagant gardens and backyards may give your property the extra push it needs to sell quickly. If your backyard or garden feels like a sanctuary, some buyers might respond to it. A beautiful landscape or feeling of serenity could really grab a buyer’s attention and make your property memorable. Features like these are pleasant surprises during viewings and may be enough to sway buyers into bidding on your home.

Another feature sellers should never underestimate is a spacious and open playroom. For families shopping around, playrooms offer parents peace of mind, knowing that their children will have plenty of room to grow and play. Playrooms also make great storage space for the child’s belongings and toys, a great incentive for buyers with little ones.

If your home has an updated or renovated bath or kitchen, you definitely want to market those features to buyers. It is no secret that buyers often respond to modern baths and kitchens, but some sellers may even want to go above and beyond the call of duty. Renovating your bath with modern features could ensure a quick turnaround and maybe even a turn of profit. Walk-in closets, Jacuzzi™ tubs and large vanities are all hot-ticket features when promoted to the right buyers. Properly promoting these vantage points can make your sales effort largely successful.

Sellers should keep in mind that standing out from the other properties listed in the neighborhood and surrounding towns and cities is of utmost importance throughout the process. When selling your home in today’s market, sellers must play up the home’s unique aspects and features in order to pique the interest of buyers. Knowing what you have and how to sell it will be crucial to your selling success in 2011.

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