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In a recovering market, it’s imperative that your home stand out from all of the rest on the market. With a plethora of choices available, buyers have the luxury of being choosey when deciding which home to make their own. As a seller, there are many steps you can take to ensure that your home stays in the minds of viewers and sells within a reasonable amount of time.

Try the following to give your home a competitive edge: Giving part of your house a makeover can really add to its overall appeal. While it’s understandable that you might not want to spend too much money on fix-ups, small efforts can go a long way in the eyes of buyers. Try to match (or exceed) the norms of the neighborhood. If hardwood floors are really popular for your area, pull up some old carpet. If marble countertops can be found in most homes, try to match them. In addition, get an inspection before the house hits the market and fix areas that may need repair. Anything you can do to make your home stand out and look of equal or greater value than those surrounding it will be highly beneficial to your sale’s efforts.

Don’t ignore the power of staging. Whether you hire a professional or use a few carefully selected staging tips, putting in this extra effort will better showcase your home. Properly staging your home could be as simple as rearranging furniture, adding a fresh coat of paint or strategically placing lighting and other decorations. For staging ideas and recommendations, speak with a trusted real estate professional.

Even more important in today’s market is a comprehensive home-selling strategy. Sellers must have a plan that includes fair pricing, targeted improvements and well-thought out marketing and exposure for the property. Simply loading ads on the Internet won’t suffice. By working with an agent, you can create your own selling timeline that will roll out progressively and provide your home with the proper exposure it needs to sell. This detailed plan will increase your chances for success.

If you really want to sweeten the deal and encourage a timid buyer to jump in, add a few financial incentives to the deal.  By agreeing to pay for some of the closing costs or offering other financing, an iffy buyer could end up being the new owner of your home. Examine your budget and figure out what you could afford to offer if you need to facilitate a buyer’s decision. Many sellers close their deals by adding financial incentives to the package, and oftentimes, this tactic provides sellers with an edge that others sellers fail to consider.During the selling process, it’s crucially important to think in advance and plan for the successful sale of your home. Doing so could place your home a cut above the rest and provide a better buying incentive for those considering your home.

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