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Have you ever heard of a loan with a 2% down payment with no monthly mortgage insurance AND a monthly payment that may be less than the current rent payment?  The Community Development Mortgage Program (CDMP) is a great product for borrowers who don’t have 3.5% down or feel frustrated with having to pay high monthly mortgage insurance premiums.  This is a great way to get into a property with a low down payment and have payments that are cheaper than rent.  Highlights of the loan are as follows:


  • 2% down payment

  • Zero Upfront Mortgage Insurance Premium

  • Zero Monthly Mortgage Insurance

  • Seller paid closing costs okay

  • FICO scores as low as 620

  • Must attend Homebuyer Education Class

  • Income limits apply and vary for each county (80% of median income)


Below compares a CDMP product to the standard FHA product:



 CDMP 30-Year Fixed                      FHA 30-Year Fixed
$200,000 Purchase Price                  $200,000 Purchase Price
$196,000 Loan Amount                     $193,000 Base Loan Amount
$ 4,000 Down Payment                     $194,930 Loan Amount with UPMIP
4.875% Interest Rate                        4.375 Interest Rate
5.015% APR                                    5.245% APR
$1,037 Principal & Interest                $973 Principal & Interest
$150 Taxes                                      $150 Taxes
$55 Insurance                                   $55 Insurance 
                                                        $186 Mortgage Insurance

$1,242 TOTAL                                  $1,364 TOTAL

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