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When most buyers apply for a mortgage, they frequently request an inspection as well. In fact, more than 85% of home buyers request an inspection as a way to uncover hidden faults and costly repairs that may need to be taken care of. Most sellers wait for the buyer to broach the subject, however, there are a few reasons why it might be beneficial for sellers to get your property inspected before putting it on the market.

For buyers taking a first look at a home, an inspection is extremely reassuring. There’s always a possibility of termites, faulty wiring or other potential calamity lingering in the minds of buyers. Providing a pre-inspection puts the buyer’s mind at ease and will make them feel more comfortable about placing a bid. Your pre-inspection will tell every buyer viewing your home that there are absolutely no surprises in store.

By completing an inspection before going to market, you are allowing yourself extra time to fix any repairs that may need attending. You can compare prices and options from a variety of contractors without the time constraints that might make or break a deal later down the road. There is a chance that your home will need some sort of fix-up before a buyer wants to make it official. By getting all of the repairs out of the way, you can ensure that you still get the price you want for your property.

A pre-inspection will also allow you the luxury of knowing exactly where you stand in the negotiation. As the seller, do you have the advantage in the negotiation? What might a buyer potentially ask for before closing the deal? A pre-inspection will help you answer all these sorts of questions. Moreover, with a pre-inspection in hand, you can more accurately price your home and have a better idea of the amount you are likely to receive.

Pre-inspections will also provide intricate detail that you might otherwise miss on your own. This information will help you avoid unnecessary repairs. By getting to the root of any potential problem, you can be positive that you are making necessary and accurate repairs before putting your home on the market.

Getting a pre-inspection gives your buyers the confidence they need to make a bid on your home. The pre-inspection process will be beneficial to both parties. Not only will your buyers feel more comfortable, but the entire process will save you time and hopefully make your property more valuable at the time of sale.

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