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Spring is widely known as the busiest real estate season for both buyers and sellers, as the weather brightens and more houses pop up on the market. Spring is also the ideal time for any last minute renovations that could increase your home’s value. In this market, buyers are pickier than ever, so embarking on a few renovation projects before putting your house up for sale will speed up its selling process and allow you to ask for a higher price. The following renovations are ideal for spring-time completion and are likely to give your property a competitive edge.

The average home loses 30 percent of its energy through its windows. Installing energy efficient windows is a great way to improve your home’s value, because they lower your energy bills, provide quality insulation and are a much greener choice than your old, outdated single pane windows. Do the proper research before installing your new windows; choose windows that have earned an Energy Star.

Curb appeal is crucial, especially in the springtime when local flora is in full bloom. Installing a fence around your yard makes your home appear to have more privacy, and is appealing to buyers with children or animals. Additionally, planting a small garden and trimming trees and shrubs will increase the charm of your property. Try and de-clutter your lawn as well, removing that old swing set, rusted patio furniture or dog house that’s seen better days. It’s also important to pay attention to your front door—if the paint is chipped or peeling, give it a fresh coat. The front door is one of the first things buyers see upon arrival, If it looks neglected, buyers will be headed in the other direction before you can say “home maintenance.”

Spring is also the perfect season to give your old, cracked driveway a face-lift. Pulling into a freshly paved driveway gives buyers the sense that you take great care of your property, both inside and out. And, because asphalt needs the perfect combination of temperature and moisture to properly set, breezy spring weather makes it an ideal time to pave. Extend your attention from the drive to the garage, making sure it is freshly painted, de-cluttered and free of cracks or holes.

Spring is the perfect season to make renovations before placing your house on the market. The weather is beautiful, making it less likely any contractors or builders will have to postpone a project, and as the market is stronger in the spring, your chances of a speedy sale are improved.

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