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For homeowners expecting to sell their home in the next few years, it’s never too early to think about fixing up or modernizing your home. If selling is your end goal, there are many updates you can add to ensure that your home stands out from the competition in the marketplace. If you’re already thinking in advance, consider the following improvements and staging tips to not only add value to your property, but to attract buyers as well.

Don’t neglect the power of a nice entryway. When you end up showing your home to potential buyers, a fresh coat of paint and an enticing, warm feel goes a long way. Many buyers find that they don’t like entering the front door and stepping right into the living room. With clever placement of furniture, a chest of drawers or a unique table, you can create the feel of a separate entranceway with a little creativity.

Hardwood floors are also a hot ticket for many buyers. Most Realtors agree that hardwood floors go the extra step towards enticing buyers to bid on your home. The longevity is incomparable to other flooring and you never have to worry about hardwood going out of style. Synthetic wood flooring can be used for a more affordable price, but be sure to avoid laminate flooring.

Nice bathrooms give your home a greater appeal when buyers take a tour. Whirlpool baths, marble counters and steam showers are all highly attractive elements to have in a master bathroom. If these are too luxurious for your budget, work on brightening or modernizing the older parts of your existing bathroom. Some owners may choose to replace a bathroom’s lighting or replace various fixtures in the room in order to brighten it up. Anything you can do to make the room pop will benefit all of your future efforts.

Don’t forget about lighting in other rooms, too. It’s an often overlooked feature that can be quite tempting to buyers. Regular floor lamps limit the amount of light a room can get. If the home doesn’t receive lots of natural light, consider adding recessed lighting or sconces to brighten up the space. Buyers love to see rooms that are cheerful and easy to light up. Always consider adding a dimming feature. It gives the homeowner many different lighting options and significantly adds to the appeal.

By making adjustments to your home in small increments, you will increase your property’s selling power before unleashing it to the market. With these updates and more, your home will have the cutting-edge advantages it needs to sell as quickly as possible for the value it deserves.

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