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In 1973, Dave Liniger was fairly fresh out of the U.S. Air Force and not too far removed from his rural Indiana boyhood. He had found his niche selling real estate, energized by the gratitude he received from the families he helped. But as he learned more about his profession, he realized, "There’s a better way to do this." Unable to find an office ready for his ideas, he started RE/MAX as a one-agent office in Denver. His dream was pretty big: create a real estate organization that any buyer or seller could approach anywhere in the world knowing that only experienced, career-minded professionals worked there.

No part-timers. No dabblers. No wheeler-dealers.

The concept, strikingly simple in hindsight, caught on; and the competition never caught up. RE/MAX grew from 21 agents in 1973 to more than 100,000 by 2004. Today, the RE/MAX Balloon stands for trustworthy, results-oriented real estate sales help in more than 70 countries. RE/MAX Sales Associates help more families buy and sell real estate every year than any other brokerage organization in the world. And its website:, the first of its kind to display all of the listings in thousands of cities and towns, sets the pace for the industry.

And Liniger?

He’s still in charge. And he inspires everybody in the organization to keep thinking, "There’s a better way to do this."

Why RE/MAX of Boulder Exists…

In 1977, after four years in Boulder real estate, Tom Kalinski was searching for a better way. Those first four years were a wonderful learning experience, including not only residential real estate, but commercial sales and building apartment buildings, homes and condos. But Tom still felt there was a better real estate path.

RE/MAX was advertising in the newspaper for a Broker in Boulder for a new real estate concept, where the Agent kept the entire commission that he earned, and simply paid the office for being there. The office in return, provided management services, including offices, phones, marketing help and many other forms of professional assistance.  It doesn’t seem too revolutionary now, but back in the 70’s, Agents and Brokers just split commissions earned. The Broker was the boss and made the rules. This new RE/MAX concept gave the Agent the method to conduct his/her business in the way that they saw fit and the office supported their efforts.  RE/MAX told Tom that the office would get the best agents in the area.

It was a true statement, although it took the first 10 years of existence for the office to grow to a powerhouse. The Boulder office was the 3rd office in the fledgling RE/MAX system (not counting the few offices that Liniger already had in Metro Denver when he opened.) What Tom learned from the operation of the office was that the people recruited were very quality people. The type of people that made you want to come to work each day. People that you liked to be around. Successful people from whom you could learn a great deal. And in that atmosphere, you can create a wonderful positive synergism and keep the business growing.  Not in the sense of pure numbers, but in the sense of learning and putting new ideas into play, so that the people within the office could move positively with their careers.

RE/MAX of Boulder started in business with two people and now has over 85 people. They have earned the designation as NUMBER ONE in the United States for Total Volume Closed by a Single Office.  And they’ve received this award for three years in a row, an unheard-of feat and they are very proud. It says they are nurturing their agents. Now over 30 years later, the Boulder office is still on the “leading edge” and still has wonderful people, some who have been here the entire time. The business has surely changed over that period of time, but in a lot of ways it’s still the same. Tom says, “We have grown in many ways and we are evolving. We are now spending time with educational programs and discussions with the Agents. We are more involved in their professional lives than ever before.”

And Tom Kalinski, he’s still hard at it. He’s the “Idea Man” and he works endlessly with the Agents’ best interests in mind. 

He has helped create the Boulder Real Estate Conference, now going into its 3rd year, with several national speakers already signed up for November 2010, including Lawrence Yun, the Chief Economist of the National Association of Realtors, and Dave Stevens who is the Head of the Federal Housing Administration.

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